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The Masterpiece ~ 1:1 VIP  Coaching

Success Is Yours………… But You Feel There Is So Much More To Come!

You’ve hit some incredible milestones, 6 figures or very close, you are successful but now you’re ready for more.

You think more means, more working, more hustling, more doing and the thought of that drains you.

You’re ready for an even bigger expansion of YOU and with more ease than ever before.

More freedom, more joy, more love, more abundance


There are ancestral patterns that tell you, not to be greedy, be grateful for what you have.

You are the first in your family to be in business.

You are fearful about outgrowing your parent’s financially,

You feel guilty that making money is easy.

Part of you is fearful of losing it all!


Five Figure Freedom 
Hybrid 1:1 & Group Coaching

There’s A Flame Of Desire Within You So Strong, A Message So Big It Cannot Be Ignored

This is for the woman who is done with settling for less than she deserves. Who is ready to TRUST the Universe is working with her and wants her to have it all.

Freedom, Time, Abundance.

Stepping into the truth of who you are and what you are here to do is calling you, every single day. No longer a whisper, The Universe is unashamedly screaming for you to be ready.

You’re playing small you know it, you feel it and you’re ready to put yourself and your needs before others for the first time ever.

You’ve been a wife and mother, gone above and beyond to make sure everyone has had their needs fulfilled – leaving you empty and depleted.

Your heart yearns for carefree laughter, love and time for you without needing to compromise your success.



 The Big Shift

You know you’re playing small and you’re ready to rise.

You know you’re hiding and playing small, even though you’ve got all the evidence of how amazing you are.

In fact, your confidence does not match the results you get with your clients.

You have experienced a level of success but nowhere near your full potential. You have never fully felt acknowledged or validated by those around you and somehow you have lost your way.  You can’t see the way forward and you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed with no idea how to move forward.

You’ve become disconnected from your intuition and frustrated because the more you do the less you achieve. Being average has become a daily habit even though deep down you know you’re so much better than this.

You feel stuck in a rut, trapped and wavering in your confidence and self-belief – this is showing up in your results big time.

The experiences from the past are keeping you stuck,  the real problem is what’s going on deep in your unconscious mind and energy patterns.

 Frustration is building, seeing others fly by you is causing you to feel envious but deep down you know you have the same potential.

Stable but stagnant business and feel like you’re going round in circles no matter how many personal development books you read or programs you’ve done.