Trust your intuition!


Trust and belief are at the core of everything you do – or don’t do!

The impact of you not fully believing and living in FULL trust is not showing up and being visible to those you are here to help – your potential clients and customers.

If you don’t trust your gut instinct that means you are ignoring the nudges from the Universe and making being in business a whole lot more difficult than it needs to be.

But don’t worry, if this is where you’re at then this is what you can do to build your trust and fully follow your intuition.

✣ The first thing to acknowledge is you weren’t born not trusting, in fact, quite the opposite. It is something you can change when you’re ready.

✣ Decide, are you ready to rewrite your story, your beliefs and create ones that will build your trust? The power in decision is huge the energy behind it is immense.

✣ Make 5 minutes a day to find all the experiences where you have been guided, even if at the time you went against your intuition.

✣ Often when we haven’t followed our intuition we had learned valuable lessons? Make a list, I know it will be vast but you need evidence that when you did follow your intuition it was guiding you to the very best outcome.

✣ Ask the Universe for guidance in a situation, in attracting new clients, more income, more abundance. Then go quiet enough in your mind to hear, see or feel the nudges. You can do this by meditating, walking in nature, running or just sitting quietly.

✣ Open your heart and mind to growing the seeds of trust within. Just for once follow your intuition no matter how crazy it may seem at the time and see where it takes you.

✣ The magic in life is letting go and allowing the Universe to guide you, it knows much better than you what’s best for you. Easy to say and so much harder to do but a new habit that will literally change your life.



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