The Big Shift


Maybe you went into business to get more freedom, more money and more independence but find yourself stressed out, worried about money and struggling to find clients. This means your confidence plummets and there’s never enough time or money to break the cycle.

The Big Shift shows you how your income starts in your mind – This dynamic book gives you everything you need to set you free and have the business of your dreams.

-Discover how to tap into your hidden potential.
-Increase your confidence and increase your income quickly.
-Shift your energy and see clients and money come flooding in.
-Stop chasing and start attracting all the clients you want.

Going from boss to broke overnight, Michele Walsh shares powerful mindset secrets with a step by step guide to give
women in business effortless success.


The Big Shift - 7 Success Secrets for Small Business Owners: How to shift your mindset from struggle to success.


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