Welcome back to my weekly mini motivational tips and techniques. Today is the more fun you have, the more money you make. I know there’s going to be part of you thinking, really Michele? Let’s backtrack for a moment to the reason you first started your own business?

Chances are, if you’re anything like me, I now know I’m unemployable because when I work for somebody else, it crushes my creativity. Being employed creates too many boundaries that just don’t fit with the life and lifestyle I want. When I started my coaching business, there was so much I didn’t know and so I want to give you the benefit of that experience to save you time and money from making the same mistakes I did.

I truly thought because I’d worked in the old paradigm, working in the corporate world where the more you did, the more you got, like being on a hamster wheel. The problem with that was there was no getting off.

Fast forward to now, I’ve created a business taking aligned action but with the absolute must of having fun and laughter. By having more laughter and fun it gets you into alignment, makes you into flow, makes you feel like you’re an even more successful business owner. It stimulates new creativity, ideas, opportunities, and the flow of new clients and customers to you.

One of my personal favourites to having more fun is to play tennis and in the daytime, How, how outrageous am I!!? Lol But for me tennis is my happy place, it stimulates me mentally and physically and I love the competitive side of it too. Playing tennis means I’m in the moment, I can’t be in anywhere else because it’s a fast paced game.

Think about your day, your week, your month, your year, where are you factoring in fun?  Very often when my clients go on holiday, typically they make more money because they’re not obsessing about making things happen, they’re having fun, and they’re enjoying life.

When you feel amazing that sends your energy and vibration through the roof,  it matches that next thing that you desire.  You’ll get emails, inquiries or people buying products or services when you’re away when you’re just having fun.

Think about this for a moment, when do you allow yourself to let go of working hard, or do you feel guilty? How many times have felt really guilty about taking time off in the day, to just be and just do the things you can do because you’re self-employed?

This is your business, design it to give you the freedom you desire, otherwise, you’re becoming a worse boss to yourself than anybody else you’ve ever worked for.

If you don’t give yourself time off,  give yourself a raise in your salary, when you’ve got the income, you might as well go and get a job, work for somebody else.

Look at your day, your week, your month where you are factoring in time to just be, to just do whatever makes you feel good?

Don’t make the mistakes I made, I wouldn’t gift myself that freedom until I’d earned it, until I’d got more clients. I used to think, when I’ve hit that much a month, or when I’ve got that many inquiries or that many people coming in, then I will allow myself time off to have fun. Remember don’t be a worse boss to yourself than anybody you’ve ever worked for.

That’ this weeks powerful nugget of motivation –  have more fun, have belly laughs, go out for lunch with your girlfriends, meet people, do things that make you feel good, because the better you feel, the higher your vibration, the more amazing things will happen.

Upgrade your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, and have more fun, every day, and let me know how much extra money you make.

Till next time.