Let me ask you something. How often is it that you’ve felt not good enough on any level?

Deep down inside, you know you’re an absolute expert at what you do, but the mind monkeys, voices in your head, negative chatter insists on reminding you that you’re not good enough. This rubbish creeps in when you are low in energy, maybe someone has triggered you and you are rapidly descending into a pit of despair – don’t worry, it’s easily done, I’ve done it myself often.

The truth is, it’s not the truth, but there might be thoughts, experiences, old programming in there that’s keeping you trapped in this, not good enough cycle. The thing that’s having the most impact on everything in your business is the energy connected with this. When we don’t feel good enough, that’s a really, really low energy, low vibration, so it’s really difficult to attract all the clients or the income, the lifestyle that you want from that energy.

When we shift that energy to a much higher place to actually align your true expertise with the truth of you knowing in every fibre of your body that you are not just good enough, you are more than good enough. It raises your energy and you go back to being the client magnet you know you can be.


Here are some simple tips to ramp up your energy and start believing in yourself again.

✥ Make a list of all the clients you have worked with and look at the difference you have made.

✥ Read your client testimonials, have them handy for the days you are doubting yourself.

✥ Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, you are unique and there is no comparison.

✥ Break state – go and do something different to stop the downward spiral, go for a walk, dance around or phone your bestie.

✥ Set new seeds of belief, use this negative chatter/mindset to kickstart a story based on actual evidence.

Remember this, you never see yourself as others see you but make a pact to start from today!







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