Welcome back to my mini motivational tips, techniques, and strategies that I’ve used with myself and with hundreds of clients to exponentially increase their business, their lifestyle, and more importantly, their bank balance.

Do you know you are undercharging? Are your prices based on industry standards?
There will always be people who charge way more than you charge and there will always be people who wear, who charge way less than you.
What you charge is directly connected to your confidence and self-worth, I actually say, your self-worth is equal to your net worth.
The biggest thing that’s helped me help my clients literally double, treble and even quadruple their income in a short space of time is to align their confidence with their expertise and their expertise and charge the prices they know they deserve.

I’ve been there where you charge what you think people can afford, or you charge a little thinking, it’s easier to get people to pay you a little than a lot, but that is so not true. Sometimes even if somebody needs the help, even if you offer it for free or very little, then it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll actually attract the clients and dream clients.

When somebody invests a substantial amount of money, whatever is relevant to them they are committed to the process, they are committed to the outcome. Whereas if something’s free or a low investment, then there’s not so much skin in the game.

This can leave you very frustrated because you see people in your industry charging way more than you, even though you know you are as good as them. When you are not earning the kind of income that you want, it puts a lot of stress and strain on everybody, because you feel like you’ve got an expensive hobby, you don’t feel like a serious woman in business.

Here’s where to really expand your mind, expand your beliefs around your self-worth, and what your products and services are worth.

When somebody comes to you needing help with how long have they felt stuck with their problem or the situation? How much is that impacting their daily life? Then look at how easily and quickly you get the results for your clients because that’s where the real nugget of what you should be charging.

When you position yourself in that place of authority of absolute confidence, people are buying into your level of confidence and belief in yourself and the results you get with your clients.
Even if you are starting out, it really is your self-belief, your confidence that you know, you can get help facilitate their transition.

It’s time to shake off the fears and the beliefs that if you put your prices up, then you’ll lose clients. I had a message on my Facebook the other day, where I’d worked with a client several years ago, she is a mobile hairdresser. Her biggest fear was if I put my prices up, I’ll lose clients! Here’s the great thing, yes, you’ll lose those clients that are pain in the backside, you know, the people who don’t pay that much but expect everything. She messaged me to say, it’s really weird that the more I put my prices up, the more clients I get, because when you believe you’re worth that changes everything.

Are you opening your worth or are you still playing small? Everything is within and to remind yourself, write down all the incredible results you’ve got for your clients. Write down all the reasons why you absolutely deserve and know that you could and should be charging more.
If you’ve got a business, that’s not making money, something’s got to shift, you’ve either got to work with more people or put your prices up.

You know, in your heart of hearts, if you’re not charging enough, because it doesn’t feel right and that could lead to resentment and lack of motivation. Honestly, it’s the quickest, easiest way to expand your business, to really attract those dream clients who truly feel that you are going to help them get a great transition, a great result because they’re more invested and committed, they’ve got more skin in the game.

Try it,  believe it, believe that there are people out there and believe that you are worth it. You are worth charging and receiving more for your services.

I’d love to know you take this on board and step into your next level confidence and self-belief

. Put a comment below, message me, let me know how it goes. When you decide to do this, you embrace this you will feel amazing and or world and business will shift