Client Success Stories

” I literally thought I was going to go broke when I was introduced to Michele, I had only 8 days work left booked in my calender.  Within less than a month of working with Michele I got a contract for 6 weeks and that year my turnover was £100k. The next year the turnover went up to £300k, the following year £500k and the last financial year it was £700k.

I then began working with Michele 121 and the goal was to hit a million pounds that year and I must admit I was slightly disappointed when we only hit £700k. I then set a turnover goal for two million pounds and now in the first 4 months of this financial year we have secured contracts worth £992k.

What’s changed the most since working 121 with Michele is I catch my imposter syndrome, I believe in myself and I should do, I have an amazing team and have been asked by industry leaders to be an inspirational talk, I lterally had to pinch myself, I couldn’t believe it.

In my 121 with Michele I shared my intentions for the week, that was to secure a new client worth £250k and within 48 hours I received an invitation to tender for a contract worth almost double that”. 

Dawn Coupe – Equinox Consulting Ltd

” When I met Michele I felt stuck, I’d just moved house, I was pregnant and I had lost focus and motivation.

During our first call it was almost like a veil is lifted from over my head and for the first time in months and months I actually felt like I had a bit of direction and self-belief. I manifested a job worth £2,600, increased my Instagram followers by 11,500 followers in 10 days, and then posted a video on Instagram that got 6.8 million views in 7 days!!!

I went on to manifest £2,000 in one day, which would have been a big deal this time last year but it’s becoming more and more normal.

I was offered £4k for one day’s work, I was totally gobsmacked, it’s the most money I’ve ever made, I’m out of debt for the first time in 10 years and I’ve already quadrupled my income in just 4 months!

Michele Walsh this is all your fault btw!!!”

Megan Rose Lane – Instagram Influencer

” I started working with Michele when things weren’t going so well, I had lost a big corporate client and was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety, and I just knew something had to change. Things started to change quickly and within a few months I literally had clients coming out of my ears, not just any clients 

What I found most was I grew in confidence and started to really believe in myself and the work I did. After the first year of working with Michele I had my biggest months in business ever and I hit 6 figures, it’s just gone up and up  from there.

Over the 4 years I have been working with Michele I have generated and extra £500k in my business which is incredible, not only because it’s a lot of money but I have had so many other challenges to cope with at the same time both business and personal.

I can honestly say working with Michele has literally changed my life, all of my life in the best ways possible. “

Lisa Birtles – The Resourceful Partnership

I just wanted to share basically what happened with me when I decided to work with Michele. 

I made the decision, I knew I wanted to work with Michele, I signed up for the program and within two days I had booked an unexpected job that would pay me a third of what the program cost. By the middle of the next month, I had earned double what I had ever made in my entire 32 years on this planet in a month, in just 13 days which meant I was able to pay for the rest of the program. 

For the second month in a row, I doubled the highest amount of money I’ve ever made, I then went on to manifest £50k and not just find our dream home but then move in within weeks and 18 months before I ever thought it was possible. 

I’ve been doing personal development for five years. I thought I knew it all, but I didn’t. Michele has shared stuff with me that I had never done or even heard of before. So if you are wondering if this will work for you, just do it.”

Ina Sylvester Amith – Actor, Voice Over Artist

“I found myself in a dream job, with a fancy job, that I just wasn’t enjoying. I remember reaching out to Michele and saying ‘help me please!!’, we set up a discovery call, it was unbelievable, within seconds she got everything about me and in 20 minutes she knew exactly where the blocks were. 

Within 4 months I handed in my notice in my employed job and started my own consultancy. I’m now earning as much as I earned before working 5 days in just 3 days, a week. This wasn’t even in my plan but Michele’s got like a little magic wand of manifesting where anything is possible.

Also my income has quadrupled and in my Arbonne business I went from a small team of 2 to 15 within 3 months, all this has given me unbelievable choice around my time. 

You needs to be more time with those you love, doing the stuff you love and spending time with. It’s been an incredible 6 months!” 

Niamh Mourton- Female Entrepreneur